Minibook X N5100 Bios reset

@ChuwiService Please help if there is a bios reset file for Minibook X n5100? The display doesn’t work at all and the device appears to be bricked. The only sign of life is that long-pressing the power button (~20s) does appear to trigger the reset and then pressing it for ~4s does make the blue light turn on like it would during a normal boot. Charging indicator also illuminates red/green as expected.

when i try to enter bios by pressing f7 or fn + f7 and pressing the power button nothing happens

If you experience symptoms without doing anything, such as updating the BIOS, try the following:
Disassemble the lower plate, disconnect the battery cable, and reconnect the battery cable about 2 minutes later, and turn on the power.

Since @anthracitee and I are facing the exact same issue, I can confirm that the battery disconnect BIOS reset did not work.

Why do you think resetting the BIOS would make any difference? Did you change settings recently before it stopped working?

Your best bet is to connect a USB-C to HDMI adapter/cable (on the full spec, non-power port) and check whether you receive any signal on an external monitor. Make sure you use a monitor rather than a TV, since the default BIOS resolution will likely be out of scope of a TV.

If you don’t get anything, remove the bottom cover, disconnect the battery, press the power button many times (with the power cable disconnected, to drain all power), then try booting back up again.

If that doesn’t work, you’ve probably bricked it.

I don’t know exactly what causes it but it seems that the BIOS can just get bugged somehow for no particular reason and cause issues like this. For example:

So definitely worth trying since it’s very simple, even if it didn’t help pgato unfortunately.

If there’s a way to dump the BIOS from a good Minibook let me know and I’ll be happy to do it.

Sorry, but no sir. A BIOS does not just ‘get bugged’ at random. One would need to make incorrect adjustments, or have a faulty chip, for a BIOS ‘bug’ to happen. Note that in no circumstance should one re-flash a suspected faulty CMOS or EEPROM since the issue will re-occur and may cause detrimental side effects if incorrect (corrupt) values are given to the hardware.

I don’t know whether the Minibook X is CMOS or EEPROM; someone suggested removing the battery which would indicate CMOS, but as that didn’t work it may well be EEPROM.

The video you posted clearly shows someone dicking around with settings they shouldn’t. How do we know? The BIOS flashback utility the guy accessed is built into… the… BIOS. It’s an HP utility and it won’t work with this Chuwi ODM device.

If you want to flash the BIOS on this device, you’ll need to open it up, grab a JTAG/SPI header adapter according to the chip and its pinout, then flash the BIOS manually from some software. It’s exceptionally risky and, if you’re certain no BIOS settings have ever been altered, it already means the BIOS chip itself is damaged and needs replacing.

However, unfortunately, BIOS chips whether CMOS or EEPROM are exceptionally durable, so the likelihood of one failing is miniscule and it is highly likely that some other catastrophic failure has occurred. Don’t go into BIOS flashing blindly without actually examining the board fully first.

Finally, although there are tools to extract BIOS from Windows and Linux, these aren’t guaranteed to work or be accurate, so you should only attain a BIOS from Chuwi. Spoiler, they’re an ODM, don’t make any devices, so they won’t have it.

The idea to reflash the BIOS was something I wanted to try (in the other thread) because I had run out of all options.

If the device is “bricked” as you describe it, is there anything further at all that can be tried?

I haven’t touched any BIOS settings before the device went into this state. The only thing that seems like a trigger was that the device discharged completely and then when I charged it up again, the screen wouldn’t turn on whatsoever.

The USB-C HDMI adapter outputs nothing to a monitor (I’ve tried multiple adapters and monitors).

Any other suggestions are much appreciated since I’ve got nothing to lose :slight_smile:

My problem was solved by the Service Center. As a result, the whole problem was in the fast charging connector, it just burned out and it was fixed and everything worked.
You can close this topic.