Minibook X do not booting up

I have new minibook x for 3 week, and it seem have problem with the display. When watching YouTube from chrome, and I change display mode from full screen to Small screen vice versa, there is problem flickering in the display / monitor, and I must close the YouTube first to stop the flickering. And right now the unit can not booting up. There is blue light in the power button, but the monitor does not powering on.
Please help for troubleshooting problem above. Thank you.

Hi i had the same problem and resolved by opening the back of the pc and screw the black screws that are used to flip the screen, probably they are a bit loose

Hi… thanks for the respond… I hope so since warranty sticker still cover the screws, I will sent it to the service centre… and maybe with the flickering issue is software problem with the graphic driver, or it’s a hardware issue since Minibook x screen use same screen with huawei Matepad tablet 10.8, and it’s not compatible…

Yeah don’t open the laptop up. No need. I learned this the hard way, and the real issue was found by some other kind soul on this forum.

You’ve updated the Intel display driver. Unfortunately you can’t do this. Chuwi (or, well, their ODM) have customised the driver to “fix” a hardware compatibility with this screen. It really should be applied in BIOS, but these are budget devices from relatively backstreet manufacturers, so this is what we get.

You need to install the original driver. If you have just updated the driver but not reinstalled Windows, you can just use Device Manager to rollback to the original driver.
However if you have reinstalled Windows, you’ll need to download the driver pack (use the search function on the forum) and then disable automatic driver updates.

I know, it seems a bit s#!t, but I’ve been using this device daily for a few months now and haven’t had any issues after fixing the driver. It’s actually my favourite device to use.

PS, if you’re into modding, you can add an extra copper sheet to extend the heatplate all the way to the other edge. It’ll spread the heat over the entire unit for better dissipation and slightly better performance.


Hi… My Minibook X is a live again after i send it to service center. They say some “bateray connector problem”… I now after i re-installed Win 11, the touchscreen and touchpad not working… Maybe the driver issue… Can you help me link for the driver please…? Thankyou…

Everything you need is in the driver pack on this form. Search “Minibook x drivers”

Wow, I didn’t know of this “feature” and updated the graphics driver a few days ago. No problems with youtube or games so far, but I did have a weird situation where it didn’t wake from sleep, the blue LED just stayed on but the screen didn’t turn on. I just forced it off by holding the button and it’s been fine since.
Thanks for explaining this. I’ll keep an eye on it and roll back the driver if this happens again.