Board schematics request for Lapbook Pro

To Chuwi Support,

Please provide the board schematics for the LapBook Pro.

I am working on a coreboot port of this laptop. If successful this will generate interest in the open source community for your laptop. It would therefore be nice if you could support me in this endeavor.

Thank you.


Sorry,we can’t provide the board schematics for you.

Could you then provide any other means of support, like a contact whom I could ask additional questions and the likes?

Unfortunately, I can’t offer anyone who can help you with this problem.

This is what we need, the BIOS they published doesn’t even work, the other files are 4 2 gb for BIOS they said, wtf, at least should allow us to provide a workable BIOS, this is trash

To Chuwi Support,
there seems to be interest among the linux and open source community in this laptop, unfortunately these people are left alone and sometimes even with bricked devices due to a broken and buggy BIOS. Please see these threads:

In the interest of your customers I believe it would be a very good idea to support me in my endeavor to port this laptop to the open source coreboot bios, which has excellent linux support. So again, I would like to ask you, would you be so kind to provide the board schematics for this laptop?

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Sorry,we can’t.

Can you provide the serial number before you ask for anything?

Can you elaborate why this is not possible?
Would you be willing to help me otherwise? It would be very helpful if there would be someone who knows the schematics and can communicate with me to confirm whether I’m on the right track or not.

Because I don’t have something what you need.

Would it be possible for you to ask within your company whether such documents exist and/or whether support for my endeavor could be supplied?

I would be interested in a coreboot port of this laptop.

Manager. If you can’t give as schema, give as information about - points(sports) on MB to short-circuit to reset default bios setups. We have a lot of problem with you crappy BIOS.

I would be interested in a coreboot port of this laptop.