Black Screen on Boot

Hy dear Chuwi

I am a owner of a New Chuwi Lapbook Pro with the Serial Number: LA p Q256G420011911, unfortunaly my older son have playing arround in the Bios.

Now i got a black screen an the Chuwi Lapbook Pro do not booting again.

I am verry sorry but maby do you have any Solutions for me.

Thanks in advance
Actually, I and my son are very satisfied with their device, but I am a little disappointed that the unwanted functions in the bios can be used without a doubt.

I would be very happy if you could help me to find a solution to reset the bios or maybe to flash it again

You can try to disconnect the battery and wait around 1 hour, it may help or not :man_shrugging:. If not - you need to flash bios chip via ch341a+1.8 adapter

Or just send it to service center.

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