Lap book plus black screen

My laptop is literally ONE DAY OLD and whenever I boot the product, it shows the Chuwi logo then turns to complete black. The screen is on and it shows the windows startup for just a second. Please help me fix!

Try to turn on and immediately turn it off, repeat 2 times or untill you see “please wait” on windows loadng screen. After this message you will see troubleshoot menu, from there you can reset your system to default settings.

Hi, I did this, restarted my laptop to factory settings. It took about 3 hours and still, the problem persists. I couldn’t see the screen apart from the chuwi logo on start up. I had to plug the mini hdmi to my monitor to even look at anything. I am furious that it broke in one day and I emailed them but they haven’t replied. Where do I go to get repairs?

If you need guarantee repair you must ask seller about it or write to .
Try to reset bios maybe this will help or do a clean windows install.