Black Screen Ubook X

Chuwi UbookX 12 inch. I bought it a month ago. After a month of use, a blue screen began to fall out after 10 minutes of work. Booted from a USB flash drive, checked the ssd disk for errors - no errors were found. Returned the hard drive to the boot priority - Windows does not load. I dropped the BIOS - a black screen. Pressing and simultaneously holding the power, volume, and zero discharge buttons does not help. Are there any options for what to do?

Same here, after restarting my ubook, the screen completely black, no logo, no blue led, only left red light.
Not bios issues, not battery issues.
The worst is unable to contact chuwi for warranty at all. I only used the device for 6mths

I have the same problem, the laptop wont restart.
I was using it until 1 hour ago, i left the room, it’s all black and no eay to reboot

I bougt the Gemibook laptop last January

I have the same problem with my Ubook X 12 Inch.
I am assuming for some reason the Screen Configuration and/or the GPD driver goes missing sometimes. I contacted Chuwi, they provided a Bios which didn’t fix anything at all (probably because the utility does only flash the bios if it is a different version).

Same problem with the same device. HDMI output is working, so I can see windows on an external monitor, but internal display is black and tyere is no way to see on the periphals list my display, also on display settings

No one has a solution to provide? Chuwi support told me to send it to Spain for a no warranty repair…crazy…