Internal Screen Stopped Working

My Ubook X is booting up into Windows on an external monitor connected via HDMI no problem.
However the internal display doesn’t work anymore. Any ideas?

Maybe the internal display-cable (should be a ribbon cable) got loose somehow? Did it take a fall recently? There have been several reports of cables getting loose inside the Ubook Pro’s as well, like the battery- or keyboard connectors.

I just checked all the ribbon cables and reseated them, they all seem good. Battery also is connected.
I can access the BIOS using an external monitor, what should be the BIOS-Version?

Can anybody provide a current BIOS-File for the Ubook X?

The only BIOS update I have heard of is for the H3-H6 pen.

My friend…I have the same problem after 3 months and Chuwi support told me to send the device to Spain for a no warranty repair… a shame! please, do you have an idea to solve the problem? Thank you!