Chuwi UBook X drivers and tech manual

Hi there,

After browsing through these forums searching and searching for any link to support my UBook X I have just purchased I have now given up.

Does any one know why there is no seemingly official support for this UBook? As if there is none I shall be returning to Amazon.

Here are the product info:

Type: CWI535
UBook XQ256G20122323

And yes I have emailed the addresses mentioned by one of the admins on this forum, sent from chri** Please check asap. Many thanks and look forward to any help.

If further info required please let me know. Thanks.

Write to

hi, do you have solved?

Yes, need help let me know.

yes, if you can.
I noticed that after the latest windows 10 update, my tablet is giving the numbers … basically, the touchscreen, every time I start the tablet, goes crazy and doesn’t it’s more controllable and I don’t know why. The only solution I could find is to disable the touchscreen from the device manager.
has it ever happened to you? some advice?

I’ll get around to writing up what I did, even got dual boot working with linux, and everything seems to work out the box with no driver issue there! Anyway, er, Windows… give me tonight or tomorrow and I’ll have something written down.

Also, what model is yours, is it the same? What is the Serial Number on the back…

Just for my info(i’ll forget else), a rough guide to what I did… got help here, changed BIOS settings to UEFI and Legacy mode and fresh install of Windows. Link supplied to me via Amazon seller and an image, also drivers. Links links links. I’m just a little busy today so hopefully I will come back here tomorrow with all that helped me(links etc…) - oh and took apart the bloody thing(should I mention that?) :slight_smile: Only to disconnect battery to clear BIOS settings. So if anyone is stuck with black screen first try a Micro HDMI to HDMI cable to a monitor, I found that when I thought it was dead, that actually stuff was being displayed on the external monitor. Very helpful. Go to amazon for that.

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ok ok, any news or suggestions you can give me is very important to me. in the photo you can see the model of my tablet, which is the same as yours …

Have you checked the “optional updates” under the windows updates for any Intel optional drivers. My first try (using a very cheap and very old) micro HDMI to HDMI cable and… Nothing! I checked for optional updates and found two from Intel, loaded those and it worked. When I get a few extra minutes I’ll be trying to connect it to our new Toshiba 4K, UHD TV and see what happens. Probably will find I need a higher quality cable with more bandwidth or that the graphics built into the Chuwi Book X just don’t have the grunt to supply that many pixels at a usable frame rate. I would also check the screen resolution you have set to make certain it is within the resolution that the Chuwi can supply (yet another point that goes back to making sure you have the Intel drivers up to date.)

My internal display went black after 3 moths but everithing is working since I connected an external monitor. Any idea about what can I do? Display disappeared from the peripheral list: it seems to be a driver bios problem…
Please help me since chuwi support told me toosend it to Spain for a no warranty repair…shit!