UBook X and touchscreen

I have a 12 inch Chuwi UBook X tablet with windows 10. I noticed that after the latest windows 10 update, my tablet is giving the numbers … basically, the touchscreen, every time I start the tablet, goes crazy and doesn’t it’s more controllable and I don’t know why. The only solution I could find is to disable the touchscreen from the device manager. Can anyone give me some solution or advice?
Thank you in advance.

I also have the UBook X and got very lucky not to have had touchscreen problems with the last W10 “update”. My old Winbook and ASUS weren’t so lucky. The “update” is a pile of garbage, as has become the norm over the last year or so for MS. What I have found on a number of occasions now is when I fire up an update problemed tablet the boot takes an extraordinarily long time to boot and poof the problem is gone. I suspect MS is pushing out fixes with no fanfare. Damn frustrating all the way around.

i’m sorry for you, but my problem is this. i hope to find a solution… :crossed_fingers:

Update drivers? Driver booster etc.
I’m fine after the update

yes, i checked for updates but there is nothing new :sob: :sob: :sob:
this is the screenshot of driver of touchscreen…

A strange question - nothing stuck to the screen, wipe it with alcohol?
If not, reinstall the system, see how the sensor behaves
Try to ask a question to the supplier

I removed the adhesive protection and looked for an alternative driver (GoodixTouchDriver) but with the latter it does not recognize the touchscreen. :thinking:
I honestly wouldn’t want to reinstall everything just for the touchscreen … :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: