Ubook X touchscreen drivers

Hi. Bought Ubook X last week. Decided to use my own copy of Windows 10 Pro. I forgot to backup the drivers before the wiping up the drive. Now can’t find the drivers for the touchscreen. Can Chuwi please help me and upload the required drivers here. Thank you.

This is just my guess. I may be wrong, rather I have to be wrong.

UBook X is relatively a new model, so its touchpad seems to be Synaptic’s one.
Moreover it seems to be a part of a composite HID device (that is, unified with keyboard).

Any keyboard which has special function (FN lock, Screen switch…) has its own driver. Any touchpad which recognizes gestures has its own driver because it is not just a pointing device, can recognize multi-tap.
I’ve never seen any device-specific drivers for them in my Hi10X. Microsoft generic drivers work for them (keyboard and touchpad, moreover touchscreen, stylus pen and USB cameras) and problems occur (instant Windows crash, unintended panel open).

I hope UBook X is in the different situation from Hi10X and works well with generic drivers from the bottom of my heart.

EDIT2: Sorry. touchscreen and stylus pen are working with the device driver for another device GDIX1002, not generic drivers.

Does this mean I can use the GDIX driver for Ubook X?

No, it’s my bad. “touchpad”->“touchscreen”

Your touchpad has to work with Microsoft generic driver.
(recognized as an HID-compliant mouse)

OK. I dont have the keyboard yet. Its on its way. My problem is with the touchscreen. RIght now I need to use wireless keyboard and mouse. Really hope someone with Ubook X can PM and share with me their drivers and touchscreen calibration.

Did you check VID & PID of touchscreen ?
If GXTP7386, GDIX driver may run.

when backup drivers as independent packages,

pnputil /export-driver * “full path of folder”

in powershell.

yes its gxtp7386. Got a reply email from Chuwi saying they dont have the driver and advise me to reinstall the original image that comes with the tablet. Sigh…


I have a GDIX1002 driver package (zipped).
Sadly this forum cannot allow us to upload zip file so I will send it to you through network storage.

I uploaded. Now checking

GDIX1002 driver

To install:

  1. Unzip files
  2. find GoodixTouchDriver.inf file
  3. Install device driver using the inf file above (right-click the file and select “install” in the menu)

Nice. Thanks. Will try it later tonight. Will let know whether the driver works.

You can backup the drivers using doubledriver. The backup will include all the drivers installed in the tablet including touchscreen driver, etc.

hi, i have the same problem as you … may i ask if you solved it? thank you

I tried @EndlessBiginner’s drivers but it doesn’t recognize the touchscreen :disappointed:

i have found the solution on this, it’s not the driver for the touchscreen its the driver for the i2c controller it’s attached to