Ubook X N4100 drivers

Hello i need Windows 10 drivers for Ubook X (not Ubook or Ubook Pro) with Intel N4100. My auto screen rotation not working and control panel say me i have a lot of unknown devices after windows reinstallation.
Thank you in advance for your reply.

Do you managed to get the drivers from Chuwi? I’m having same problem here. Would mind sharing your solution here? Thank you.

Sincerely I’m using external tool for drivers because on the web I can not found any dedicated UBook X drivers, I can suggest Driver Booster, I’m actually using a custom Win 10 version plus this software to initial setup with any problems here

Hi, all

Sorry, I don’t have UBook. However for preparation for upgrading Windows10 20H2 I would like to know why intel DSA does not help you.

I’ve already seen similar topics related to the other CHUWI models (LarkBox?) then wondered why, but I forgot it til now.


I used Windows Update and then I installed the unknown drivers with those of the normal Ubook.

I think in a bit different way…

If you find "unknown device"s in Device Manager, device drivers are NOT installed for them because they are “unknown” for Windows.

I wonder what method you used to re-install Windows with.
(Recovery USB drive? install image downloaded from Microsoft web?)

I downloaded the drivers for the Ubook. Ubook drivers
I reinstall Windows from an iso from Microsoft’s site and a bootable key with Ventoy.
Once the installation is finished I let Windows Update find as many drivers as possible.
After restarting all the unknown peripherals, I reinstall the drivers manually the Ubook drivers

Thanks. I see.
Microsoft standard Windows install image does not contain the drivers specific for UBook.
(And, possibly UEFI system is different if version 2004/20H2)

The problem is that auto-screen-rotation doesn’t work.
The device related to it is an accelometer. it’s good to check if there is an accelometer in unknown devices. (in case of Hi10X, memsic mxc6655).

For me the screen rotation worked after manual installation of unknown devices.
I no longer have any unknown devices
If it’s not working for you try find “kionix kxcj9 3-axis accelerometer” drivers

I see.
I’m grad to hear the good news.