Windows and drivers for Ubook with N4120


Where can I download Windows and the drivers for the new version of the Ubook?

Whats your GPU & CPU?
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New model with N4120 CPU

You can find every CPU Download-Links-/Software here

The Official Windows 10 can be downloaded here

You can find every CPU Download-Links-/Software here

Drivers from Intel are downloaded automatically by Windows.

What I need are the drivers specific to the Ubook N4120 that are not available from Windows repositories.

The Official Windows 10 can be downloaded here

Its again the same, if I get Windows from there several drivers are going to be missing (for instance, the touch panel one).

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@Management / @manonegra222

I have N4120 too
and I need driver for screen and stylus

I have installed the Windows distributed for the old model (N4100) and everything seems to work.

But maybe the stylus worked better with the OS that came installed in the tablet.

Ok. Where can I get this Windows?

Ok. Where can I get this Windows?

Thank you!
And I hope Chuwi support @Management will also provide a screen and stylus driver for N4120

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I’m a newbie here. I need windows driver for free. Which source do you use to download windows drivers?

Windows 10 Home x64 & drivers

Please help me with the audio driver for Chuwi Ubook N4120!

I think they are the same as the N4100

I have installed the official Chuwi Windows rom, trusting as you mentioned before that it contains all the necessary drivers since they are included in the rom. [Official Version] CHUWI Ubook Windows for UBook 4100 Windows.
Everything went ok with the installation, until the only missing driver for the Multimedia Audio Controller.
Please give me a link with the driver for it. I saw a download link for Ubook Drivers - but interestingly all drivers are for AMD64. I already tried checking them with no succes.

I need URGENTLY the official FACTORY ROM IMAGE download for the Chuwi UBook N4120. Chuwi support team…Can you please just create a download link with this FACTORY ROM Please? I just recieved my computer today, and Im having problems with it. If I cant resolve it within 24 hours, I will just send it back.

I have tried to factory reset it through bios and through boot interface but it just sits on black screen with chuwi logo and a flasching circle for the past 1 hour. This is not normal behavior for a brand new computer with nothing on the hard drive.

Hi, I reinstalled windows 10, the only problem is the audio drive (sound and microphone). Did you manage to solve yours there? Thanks

amigo, consegui ativar o som no meu modelo ubook n4120… se ainda estiver com dificuldade

baixei e instalei pelo modo CAB o Update

depois o baixei o drive: realtek

intalação em CAB:point_down:

Does anyone know what device this is? And how do you install his driver?

Alguem sabe que dispositivo é esse? E como instala o driver dele?