Ubook N4100 11.6 Original Windows OS

I messed up windows and want to install the original Windows 10 OS and need the Ubook Windows 10 image.

Thank you for your reply…but is this the Windows OS that comes installed on the Ubook? I need the Windows OS image…
Thank you

It is a Windows rom for the UBook that includes the drivers and is installed automatically when starting from the pendrive

Awesome thanks so much

I have downloaded the 4 archive files. do I unzip them and put the contents on thumb drive and reboot?

To perform the installation you have to put the flash drive on the laptop and turn on, pressing F7 intermittently (note that it can be Fn and F7) until the boot selection screen appears. In it, select the pendrive and an automatic process will start. When finished, restart and the system will be reinstalled.

Do I need something like Rufus? Or I just have to the extracted files in Flashdrive for me to install Chuwi Windows 10?

If you do it with the official Chuwi Windows rom, you do not need any installer or drivers since they are included in the rom

Hi. My new Ubook’s time won’t synchronize. I tried everything that were advised. Will re-installing these drivers solve the problem? Thanks