UBook X Windows 10 Drivers needed

I have just bought a fresh new Chuwi UBook X from Amazon, then I installed Windows 10 PRO, and here trouble starts: most of drivers are missing (audio, gps, gyroscope, etc), no way to find them also using drivers tools.

I thought drivers were super easy to find, just went on Chuwi website thinking a download section for any product exist, like in any other seriuous PC builder website… and nothing. No supports. I tried to write an email to service@chuwi.com then… and nothing again…

Im starting to think to give back to amazon this chinese trash, but I wanna give a try… so…

Please can anyone give me, all the drivers that UBook X needs to works perfect on Windows 10 with 100% function please?

UBook X XQ256G21051483



Thank you very much appreciate it

Hello Gortys and porcodio. Could either of you re-upload the drivers? I think chuwi doesn’t exist. Thank you

Hy, can you make the drivers available again. Thanks

Many many thanks, gortys :vulcan_salute:

Thanks for the driver Gortys