UBook X Windows 10 Drivers needed

I have just bought a fresh new Chuwi UBook X from Amazon, then I installed Windows 10 PRO, and here trouble starts: most of drivers are missing (audio, gps, gyroscope, etc), no way to find them also using drivers tools.

I thought drivers were super easy to find, just went on Chuwi website thinking a download section for any product exist, like in any other seriuous PC builder website… and nothing. No supports. I tried to write an email to service@chuwi.com then… and nothing again…

Im starting to think to give back to amazon this chinese trash, but I wanna give a try… so…

Please can anyone give me, all the drivers that UBook X needs to works perfect on Windows 10 with 100% function please?

UBook X XQ256G21051483



Thank you very much appreciate it

Hello Gortys and porcodio. Could either of you re-upload the drivers? I think chuwi doesn’t exist. Thank you

Hy, can you make the drivers available again. Thanks

Many many thanks, gortys :vulcan_salute:

Thanks for the driver Gortys

Hi friends,
I have the same problem.
Can you upload the drivers again so that I can download them?

Thank you.

Hi, same problem here can you please re upload the drivers thanks.

hi friend
can u give me a bios?

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Guys more simple that looking for stock driver is download app like Driver Booster and install raccomanded driver, I used for years without any problem and probably slightly better that use older stock drivers

Last time, only up for a few days, it’s time you learn to make your own driver backups. I have provided Double Driver as well, so you can backup your drivers.

Dear Gortys, do you know where I can get drivers for the UBook Pro? I updated my UBook Pro to Windows 11. Works very good. Only 2 minor problems, 2 drivers missing: PCI and a unknown decice.
These missing drivers don’t bother the normal working. Maybe the Windows 10 drivers can solve these minor problems. TIA, Hans

Your best bet is to ask in the UBook Pro section of the forums, for someone who has done a driver backup.

Gortys, I apologize for asking. I know you are not tech support and you are not obligated to provide drivers for folks who did not have the foresight to backup drivers prior to re-installing the OS like me. I had no clue the drivers would not be available from CHUWI. I am stuck and the obscure driver pack I did find did not work. Can you please provide the drivers again? I sincerely would appreciate it and apologize for the trouble.

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