Ubook XPro - drivers needed for clean W10 installation

Need drivers for Ubook XPro for W10.
I made a new win10 installation and plenty od devices are without drivers. I tried drivers for Ubook X from this forum, but still many devices are not recognized.

did you ever get this sorted? i installed the drivers for the hipen from the x and now my touchscreen is haywire. hoping to find orginLs.

Yes, got the link to download all drivers from official Chuwi support. I made a clean installation - win downloaded from MS and install all drivers from the link below:

UBook XPro DriversUbook XPro Win10 drivers official

amazing thank you for thids! i now have a fresh install of the system and the drivers, for installation is there one program is it one by one on device manager?

One by one, just allow to search in subfolders and win will install the right ones, but yeah, takes some time