Windows drivers for CHUWI Ubook

Dear All,

I have crashed my CHUWI Ubook quite hard and could have it back running by reinstalling Windows using an USB stick created on another computer.

Now, I’m looking for the Windows drivers which I cannot find. Anyone has the address where to download the hardware specific drivers for Ubook ?

Thanks in advance!

carefull what you download from forum… I downloaded hi6 pen drivers from the forum and now touch screen does not work… I Have asked a few times over the last 6 weeks including emails and no help. I’m not the only 1. Best bet just download latest version of windows 10… should all work apart from touch screen unless your lucky

forgot to mention the touch screen is not a driver issue. The update messed with the BIOS can go further into explaining why but it is what it is

I was more thinking at a link to the official website of CHUWI which I wouldn’t have found myself.
Most hardware suppliers provide a drivers download on their website, mostly under support.