Reinstalling Stock Windows 10 & Tutorial Video - Ubook X

Default/Stock Ubook X ROM - Windows 10
Tutorial Installation Video

  1. Extract contents
  2. Copy to USB drive
  3. Boot Ubook X from USB
  4. Follow through with installation approval and process

AbsoluteZero, thank you for taking the time to provide this image. Unfortunately it is old and does not contain all the required drivers for newer hardware versions of the Ubook X. Mine is brand new and shipped with Windows 10 v21H2. The image you provided is of Windows 10 v1909 and likely for older hardware. I made a huge mistake not paying attention before rebuilding my Ubook to the Pro version of Windows without backing up the drivers.

I hope CHUWI monitors this forum because if someone doesn’t provide the drivers I will have no choice but to return this product for a full refund. I have never heard of a computer manufacturer that does not provide drivers for their products.

When you install the above, simply update Windows 10 to the latest or upgrade to Windows 11. I have the same Ubook X.

I already tried that, there are 3 devices for which Windows 11 does not have drivers for either. The Audio and 2 others, I assume the orientation and location sensors since those are not working. If you have the same hardware version of the Ubook X as mine, could you please use something like Double Driver portable to backup the drivers?


Right click on the device, select properties and find the hardware ID. That’s how you find the correct driver for the unknown device.

Thank you for your reply. I have contacted support. They replied that my version of the hardware is a new build and they have to extract the drivers. Of course this is ridiculous and a clear sign for me to never purchase any products from this company again. Since I am coming up on my 30 day return window, I will be returning this device and purchasing something else. Lesson learned.

Fresh from support if anyone needs them :