Driver's UBOOK X 2023

I have to reinstall windows 11.
is there any chance you could provide ubook x 2023 drivers?
Serial number YUbokXCW3H230401734


Better to run a thirdparty app to check and save current drivers you have so you can use them when Win11 is reinstalled. Or… Install Win11 as a new installation withou formating the disk. IT will create a folder Windows.old and if needed, you can tell Windows to search there for drivers.

Good way to do it.

Touchscreen drivers are a mess since I power on computer for 1st time.
It’s look like 2 fingers are touching the bottom right side of the screen even if I’m far from it.
It happen from time to time.

It didn’t happen with Debian 12 and FydeOS.

That’s why I would like to reinstall from 0.

It was my workaround when I updated to save drivers because I see some people in the forum already had issues with drivers not found in Win11 despite in theory most generic drivers from Windows should work.

FYI, drivers from [Ubook] [Official Version] Chuwi Ubook Windows, drivers, EC,download are the same and resolve missing caméra, sensor, and some intel thing

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