New freebook driver pack

hi folks, I ordered the new freebook and I plan to upgrade to windows 11 once I get it. I am wondering if I can get the driver pack on hand to install after upgrade. thanks

Surprising careless attitude towards customers. I bought a Chuwi Freebook, updated the drivers, the touchpad and brightness control do not work. It is not possible to find a driver, I contacted the seller, he asks to describe the essence of the problem, but he does not give a driver.

With such an attitude, you will not have many loyal fans of the products.

Maybe someone will stop being lazy and lay out all the drivers. What is the problem? It’s not a difficult request.

I made a backup of the drivers using Double Driver: Double Driver - Google Drive

Just want to say a big thank you for this! I stupidly went ahead and install W11 Pro and wiped the FreeBook without even considering drivers weren’t easily available, like every other device I have ever owned! No Drivers here button on there site, really stupid that they don’t provide them!

No WiFi no Touchpad etc… after re-installing, luckily I have spare dongles etc… to overcome this issue. Thanks to you I’m back up and running :slight_smile:

It’s a shame that CHUWI doesn’t provide the drivers by themselves, but I’m glad that I could be of help!

I’ll certainly be using that program for other devices. Very handy to have indeed!

Once again thank you.

The link expired, but for whoever needs it, here’s a new one:

It’s a shame that Chuwi still doesn’t provide the drivers themselves…

Hi there
could you please guide me on how do i install the drivers?

Just download everything, run dd.exe and restore the drivers… Can’t make it much easier.

Hi I did however it still doesn’t work. For example the touchpad doesn’t work
Touch screen doesn’t work
When I try restoring the drivers not all are checked, few of them fail to install

I’m running latest windows 11 with the freebook i3 12th gen

Any ideas?

Sorry, I have no clue… maybe your model uses different drivers.