[Ubook] [Official Version] Chuwi Ubook Windows, drivers, EC,download

[Official Version] CHUWI Ubook Windows

  1. Chuwi Ubook

UBook 4100 Windows:

UBook 6y30 windows:

UBook drivers:

UBook camera driver:

stylus driver:

EC without battery replacement:

Boa noite, eu baixo o arquivo mas ao extrair usando o winrar diz que esta em um formato desconhecido ou danificado. Estou usando o aplicativo errado?

Make sure you are using the latest version of WINRAR or 7-ZIP.

it was a wrong version, thanks.
But the bios has not been updated. I put the files on a USB stick in exfat and my ubook stayed on the black screen, doing nothing for more than two hours. So I gave up and removed the thumb drive and when I pressed the on / off button, it immediately turned off, without having to be tight. Windows is still booting, but with errors in the touch screen drivers and no access to bios by F7 or Esc.

How do I create the bootable pendrive from these windows files? When decompressing the files it generates only the folder with the files. If I copy to a flash drive, will I be able to install without fail?

You’ll have to download a such as “Rufus” then use it to format your USB device as 'bootable.

Getting/copying/installing the driver the files on the now bootable are seperate /additional questions-issues.

Greeting, I’m new user here, I bought ubook 11.6 N4100 and I plan to install it with windows 10 ltsc, would it be working fine if I reinstall it? what drivers that I need to install if I install my own Windows not the one from Ubook?

Can I install New Windows OS? with Pro version?