[Minibook] [Official Version]Chuwi Minibook windows OS,drivers,tutorial


N4100 drivers:

8100Y drivers:

Europe version 4100:

Europe version 8100Y:

Japan version 4100:

Japan version 8100Y:

(PS: Please install the correct system according to the CPU of the notebook, or the touch will be lost.)

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Reinstalled the 8100Y system, then reinstalled the drivers from the package.

Two devices (FingerPrint and the Touchscreen.) need to manually specify on the drivers even after installing the all INF from the driver package.

Two issues.

  1. The gyroscope doesn’t work, the rotation lock is greyed out in display
  2. The touchscreen doesn’t work.

There are no errors in the device manager.
Seems like the driver package is not complete.

Please open device manager to see if there are unknown devices.Please open device manager to see if there are unknown devices.

For the first question, our product does not support gyroscopes.


Device manger is ok.

What is the driver folder for the monitor? I notice the Monitor driver is using the Generic PnP Monitor. Perhaps that’s why the touchscreen isn’t working

It seems like the driver package is not correct. I have tested this by the following.

Reinstalled Windows 10 via USB generated by the Media Creator and the WinPE image provided above.

After installed, go through the initial setup process without Internet connection. If I connect it to my wifi, Windows 10 will install the drivers by itself.

Once I am able to get to the desktop. I goto device manager, and I can see there are 16 devices without drivers after installing the intel graphics card driver (8100Y).

Now, I goto the driver pack. Go into each folder and right click -> Install on the .inf file for each driver.

Reboot the system. Now the devices are down to 10.

If I try to install the drivers manually -> Update Driver -> Browse my computer for driver software -> Select the Driver package folder (Include subfolders). No driver can be found.

The attached picture are what are left in the drivers.

Hah! so I am right.

Chuwi support just sent the correct drivers for the touchscreen!!! WOOOOOO

It’s here if anyone needs it.


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Dead link on the drivers package. Can you share a working link?

I have updated it :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there a new version fingerprint driver?
When using on Win10 2004 version, fingerprint doesnt work well

We don’t have this for a while.