[Minibook][Official Version] Chuwi Minibook drivers,OS,BIOS,EC,tutorial Download

touch driver for 8100Y:

OS of N4100

Europe version 4100

Japan version 4100

OS of 8100Y

Europe version 8100Y

Japan version 8100Y



(PS: If you think the minibook’s fan sounds too loud, you can try brushing the BIOS to improve it)

windows tutorial:

Europe version EC 8100Y:

EC Tutorial:

This information is incomplete. You offer one EC file, which suggest there is one file suitable for both 4100 and 8100 version. But clearly there are two different files available. One for 4100 and one for 8100 (Found on indigogo site). Would have saved me from bricking my device.

The link for Europe version EC is no longer valid, when I clicked it I got: Something appears to be missing… from mediafire.com. Can You provide a working link for this file?

:crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:Then please try again.

Thank You I was able to download and flash the EC firmware.

Hi @Management

Could you please reupload the drivers folder? It seems that it has been removed from Mediafire.

I get “Something appears to be missing…”

Hi @Management the link to the touchdriver below no longer works. Can you re-upload?


I’ve updated it. :grinning:


May I ask if there is an updated BIOS for 8100Y or this is the latest one?

@Management i do not see a link

can you also provide the driver for Bosch Accelerometer or is it the same?

Please contact service@chuwi.com for bios.

Sorry, I can’t. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry why? where do i get it

@Management I need a proper driver for this. How can i fix it?

the touchscreen driver dont work with 4100 version. please sent another driver for 4100

minibook j4125 Is there a Japanese version of drivers, OS, BIOS, EC, tutorial h? I want it if there is one.

@Management Can you please include the drivers for the J4125 version as well. I have an issue with the keyboard not disabling after putting it in tablet mode. Thanks.