Minibook 8 tips and tricks

Just want to start a thread to share some of the usage tips since I’ve been using the laptop


Touchscreen driver: goodixtouchdriver.inf_amd64_05ed83f1dbc7b4dd

Reinstallation Guide
Just reinstall the minibook using any Windows image (can be the one created using Media creator). Once installed, make sure connect to the wifi during the initial setup process. That will allow Windows to install all the drivers. The 3 remaining drivers you need to install is the 8100Y drivers, touchscreen and fingerprint reader.

8100y: Google and download it from intel, it’s straight forward
Fingerprint reader: The fingerprint reader is the first unknown device in the device manager (After windows automatically installed all the drivers). The driver is the 20th folder in the official Driver package.
Touchscreen: The touchscreen driver is the Goodix one few sentences above. DO NOT use the one in the official driver package.

Keyboard stop responding
If your keyboard stop responding, try opening the minibook screen to the tablet mode and back into laptop mode. If you have backlit turned on your keyboard, it should turn back on after doing that and the keyboard will start working.

Battery not charging
I’ve noticed if your battery is depleted and then try to charge while using the computer, the minibook won’t charge. I suspect the included 45Watt charger doesn’t have enough voltage to charge and operate the laptop at the same time.
I tested this by using another USB-C charger for my lenovo laptop and it was able to charge and use at the same time.
So if you run into extremely low battery issue, make sure to charge it with the computer turned off.

Rotation lock
Seems like the rotation lock is only selectable when your minibook is in tablet mode. So if you are stuck with the rotate, turn it into tablet first then change the settings

Boot manager
To get into the bios boot manager, it is fn+7 (f7)

To get into the bios, press ESC

Chromium installation
The touchscreen doesn’t work with chromium, but the rest work without issue.

Feel free to share your own tips


Thank you for sharing your experiences and advice.

Thank you for sharing

Hi, I don’t find the fingerprint driver. The 20th folder is “iigd_ext.inf_amd64_10af24d604afb14f” but it didn’t install any driver if used with the “ACPT\FTE4800” unknown device (that should be the fingerprint).
Can you help me?

Are you running Windows 10 - 2004 ?

If so, it broke the fingerprint function on the laptop

The fingerprint driver maybe you need to reboot and disable Windows dirver sign detection, and Try to install again

Tried that, didn’t work

Do you have tips for battery percentage always 100%? Done reflash EC and recharge/discharge many times but still the same.

Try to ‘reset’ the battery. Run the Minibook on battery till it is completely empty (play a video on repeat, or just use it till it shuts down). Then reboot and continue to discharge the battery. Repeat till the battery is comletely flat and the minibook can’t boot up anymore. You realy want to remove every bit of energy from the battery. (*)
Then, connect the chrger and comletely charge the unit over night, or for some 4+ hours of time. The red charging led should become blue. Then start the minibook, and when Windows is started disconnect the charger.
The battery then should be at 100% and gradually discharge.

If this does not help, repeat all steps again, but at the (*) location, physically disconnnect the battery from the mainboard. For this you need to open the minibook by removing all bottom screws. Disconnect the battery, leave it for a minute and then reconnect it back, place the bottom cover back and secure all screws.

Hey it works. Thanks THE0 for the tips. Done every step you mentioned.

For the fingerprint reader, there is a thread in the forum saying to modified 1 line in the .inf inside the driver file given by chuwi and disable signed driver in windows. I’ve tried those and it works.

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