Minibook 8 drivers instructions - Fresh Windows 10 install - NEED Touchscreen driver

ok, I managed to reinstall everything.

After you reinstall Windows, you will be missing three drivers. The display, fingerprint and touchscreen

For the display, just download it from intel

For the other two, just download the GPDwin p2 max driver pack

Edit: Unfortunately, after Windows update the touchscreen stopped working. So will need Chuwi to provide the official touchscreen driver.

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Before installing anything you must remove the drivers from your own system. This operation can be done through the doubledriver app, free download on the internet. Choose to get all the drivers in folder (not compressed)

Already reinstalled the system, so that isn’t an option

Problem solved. Instructions edited in first post.

Chuwi staff: Please provide the official driver for the touchscreen.

So, is your device 4100 or 8100?

8100 thanks…

Is there any trick to getting the touchscreen to work?

All the drivers are installed, no mis-configured device in device manager but the touchscreen isn’t registering.

The correct driver is here.