Drivers for Chuwi Minibook X

I just received my Chuwi Minibook X, and it’s a great piece of hardware though the drive appears to have been shipped blank (no OS installed, nothing booting).

Hardware diagnostics all pass and I can install Windows 11 or Windows 10 myself, however not all drivers are auto-detected.

Specifically I need the touchpad driver and the touchscreen driver, as I have found most of the others directly from manufacturer.

Does anyone have a link to download Windows 11 or Windows 10 drivers for the Chuwi Minibook X (or any other recent N5100-based touchscreen laptop)?


i got this link from support

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Thank you so much - that worked perfectly!

does anyone know where to find the bios for this minibookX just released? thanks


Hi… recently I have re-installed the Minibook OS, and problem same with you, I cannot use the touchscreen and touchpad… can you share the driver for touchscreen and touchpad please… Thankyou…

Minibook X driver problem solved with this file: minibook x
Literaly you must install the driver one by one by clicking all the .exe files, and right click then install the “setup information” files… Thanks.