Driver Windows 11 minibook X

Where can I download windows 11 drivers?

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i do it with windows update

DO NOT under any circumstance update the display driver. I repeat, DO NOT update the display driver.

If you are using Chuwi’s original Windows 11 install, the device driver is locked and will not update unless you force it. This is good.

Chuwi’s ODM has done some weird things to the hardware of this machine, presumably to get the hole-punch screen working. The display driver has been modified, and with a stock Intel driver, you will get lines on the screen as if the screen is malfunctioning.

You can read more in this thread.

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I saved it on my personal server.

(User ID:user P/W:12qw)

I reinstalled it with Windows 10. The drivers are the same as Windows 11. Authentication is also a success.

I’ve reinstalled windows pro on my minibook x 2023 new revision (10,5 inch screen, web-camera above screen) and can’t find working sensor (ID = MCX6655) and touchscreen (ID = GDIX1002) driver.
Drivers from server (zip above) or similiar rar in another minibook x post on these forum and found drivers over all internet installing but don’t woking. Sensor cannot autorotate and touchscreeen have very random input, they are absolutely useless.
Please, help with driver files or default minibook x 2023 windows 11 image!

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Hi you resolve problem?

Yes. I’ve wrote to and they sent all drivers for 10.5`` minibook x. All worked perfectly.
They refused to give dowload link.
“the driver needs the corresponding serial number. If there are other buyers who need the drivers, they can contact us by email.”

So write to given email with your serial number and they will send you all drivers for your specific device.

How to force install?

Drivers para minibook X 2023