CHUWI MINIBOOK X disappointment

The screen flashes, and has a backlight problem, nothing works, I’m going to ask for a refund, months of waiting…

there were software problems that I solved with a driver pack, for the firmare part with the screen flickering in the backlight and which gives rise to jokes there is nothing to do

where did you find a driver pack? I have a problem with keyboard and i’m looking for drivers.

Any update on this case? Same problem here.

The Chuwi Minibook X drivers can be found here:

Installing the drivers is very easy. Download the rar file and use 7zip or WinRAR to open it. Launch the Device Manager. Press the ‘Add drivers’ button. Navigate to the base “minibook x” folder you extracted. Sit back for 10 minutes while everything installs.

I experienced the same display issue. In my case, one of the screen ribbon connectors had worked slightly loose and needed reseating. It’s been more than a week since doing this and I have yet to experience the problem again. I wrote about it here.

Also, for everyone experiencing the screen issue, have you all reloaded the OS and/or changed BIOS settings? I’m seeing a distinct link here between screen issues and OS/BIOS tinkerers. (Myself included).

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Hi there,
i had the same problem after reinstall Windows. You have to install the graphics driver from the “Driver Packet” from above. Then the “backlit stripes” are gone. No need to open the Minibook X.
Everything is fine now…

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Lol had the original chuwi minibook , useless crap. Guys dont waste Money in chuwi. Because it sucks!!!

In the end, my problem was solved, I just installed the Drivers. As for the screen bug, I didn’t understand but it works again. I am very satisfied with my product. It is really versatile.

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Hi… my Minibook touchpad and touchscreen not working after re install Win 11. Can you help me with that problem…? I have downloaded the drivers for Minibook from your link, and I have installed it all manualy one by one, because if I use driver update form windows device managers it’s say the driver is newer… and touchpad and touchscreen still not function… should I uninstall the drivers from Win 11 first and installed the driver manually…? Tks…