Problem with display (Intel drivers) MiniBook X N100

Chuwi MiniBook X 10.51" N100 12/512GB.

There is a problem with the display. Most likely the problem is with the Intel drivers. This behavior is not observed in the BIOS settings and in Windows 11 safe mode.

Tried installing other display drivers, but nothing changed. I last updated them via Windows Update.
Tell me what can be done.

AIDA64 Report.

Was this happening since you bought it?

What is the exact problem with the display? can you be more specific?

Intel graphics drivers were automatically updated using Windows Update and after that artifacts began to appear on the monitor screen. The video shows this well. I tried installing drivers from similar topics, drivers that I received from Chuwi support by serial number and I also used one of the old versions of drivers on the official Intel website, but unfortunately none of this helped. Now I’m thinking of reinstalling Windows from a file from Chuwi support. I don’t see any other options.

Hello i asked my tech guys, and it would be ok to reinstall windows, if you give me your Serian Number, i will provide you with the files.
Also they asked, if you can provide all the info about the graphic card number, model and so. So they can check here

Serial Number: ZMinBXHY4H230901245.

I have previously attached a report file of basic information about the system.

Intel® Driver & Support Assistant Detailed Report.
Intel® Processor Identification Utility Report.

Reinstalled Windows from the file provided by Chuwi support, but nothing changed after installation. After installing the drivers from Chuwi support, nothing has changed either.

It turned out that the problem was not with Intel drivers. There was also a ripple on the screen in the Windows 11 boot menu at the beginning of the installation. You may need to disassemble the laptop and check the display connection cables.

Video 1.
Video 2.

I am sorry for the late reply as we are on holidays till 18th, but i will keep this, to tell them what happened.What you said is strange, so i will send it to tech, when we come back.
I appreciate the info you gave