Brand NEW Chuwi minibook X from Banggood - DEFECTIVE SCREEN!

What a big disappointment!!! I received my Chuwi minibook x yesterday. Today i noticed some flickering on the top of the screen, but went away. Thought it was a software bug from Windows or something.

Now its permanent!

I waited 2 MONTHS to receive the laptop, now it comes defective!!! I am pissed!

This is an hardware issue, because when i enter the BIOS , it still happens.

I am distraught… i really wanted this laptop and i really like it but now this…

the flickering changes its intensity… now its barely noticeable, i wonder if its because of temperature. But it never got that hot though… I haven’t done anything with the laptop yet, just browsed a little.

This was bought on banggood, i will open a ticket with them. Could a BIOS update solve the issue??

Please @ChuwiService help me out here!!! This was an expensive laptop, and lots of waiting, i don’t want to wait any longer!!!

Edit: Opened a ticket on Banggood. I understand that i have to talk with the entity responsible for selling me the product, but i got really sad and annoyed!!

The problem remains, its very intermittent, sometimes it’s flickering A LOT, sometimes its perfectly normal.

I don’t know if this is related with the issue, but i will tell that the product isn’t perfect, and the rubber bumps on the screen ARE NOT USED, so the screen is making pressure against the bottom part, even came scratched, but i was OK with this . But not the flickering.

See, the rubber bumps don’t even touch the bottom part, is this normal???

And yes, it came scratched and with dents. I wonder if i received a refurbished one because i bought at a disccount.

Here where the screen touches. It came like this:

I too have experienced the very same problem. Fortunately, in my case, and probably your case from what you have described, it isn’t detrimental.

The screen is connected to the board by three different connectors, using a split cable that goes over both hinges. In my case, one of the connectors had worked its way loose. Not so much that it was even visible to the eye, but by pulling it out and reseating it, resolved my flickering problem.

So flip the laptop over, take out all of the screws - and don’t worry, no ‘hidden’ screws just the ones you see. The bottom plate will then come off very easily.

Once you’re inside, look in the top left corner and you’ll see two slim ribbon connectors. If you don’t see them immediately, you might need to remove some of the sticky tape that is holding the cables down. But, BE CAREFUL and peel the tape off slowly. The wires in these cables, and the connectors themselves, are very fragile.

Finally, unplug the topmost cable by flicking the black retainer upward, then pulling gently on the cable. Do the same in reverse to put the cable back.

Hopefully that will resolve your issue! I fear, however, that you might need to reseat this cable periodically however. Let’s see how things go and keep fingers crossed!