Flicker / brightness change issue - SO ANNOYED!

I’m writing from Italy, hope someone can help me.

I’ve bought my Chuwi Gemibook at the end of May 2021 and everything was working perfectly since, aproximately one week ago, the screen started showing some issues.
When I type, or in general when the screen moves a little bit because I touch the laptop or just even hit the table where it is standing, I see a very annoying and continuos change of brightness / flicker, which only stops when the laptop is completely still.
Has anyone experienced this issue?

I’ve already tried to automatically update the Video Driver, as well as resetting the laptop to its initial settings, but it didn’t work. Finally, I’ve tried to download the most updated Video Driver from the Intel website and install it, but also this didn’t work.

Any suggestion?

(I cannot return the laptop as 1 month has already passed from the purchase. Ebay seller is proposing to send the laptop to their Spain Center where they can try to fix it and send it back to me, but I should pay for the first shipping to Spain and I don’t know how much time the whole process will take, so I would prefer to try to fix the problem on my own if possible)

According to your comment, the problem is the flex cable, the connector between the screen and the motherboard.
Here is a video, which explains the symptoms.
You can find the cable in AliExpres and since it is very easy to change, it can be done by any pc repair center.
All the best.
(7301) REPARACIÓN CABLE FLEX PANTALLA PORTATIL ACER. Flickering Laptop Screen Display - YouTube

Thank you very much for your kind reply! :heart:
In the end I’ve been able to return the laptop and get a new one from the seller, I just hope that the problem won’t happen again :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: