Screen flickers

Screen flickers.

Yesterday I bought a CoreBook X and today when using it in the office I noticed that the screen flickers very aggressively, searching the forum I find that other people also have this type of problem… Is it a factory error or could it be that Will it be fixed with a windows update?


I have the same problem, I bought a CoreBook X at the beginning of February 2022. I need help!

Apparently the brand support solved it for me, they say it’s a problem with the Wi-Fi antenna and it has to be replaced. They applied a cost of 25USD for the antenna and shipping to the US.

Thank’s for the information, I tried contact them in Mexico, but they don’t answer me. I hope ASAP they solve the issue on my laptop or I will return the product.

Try to contact technical support at the following email address “”, tell them that you have problems with the screen and they will probably ask you for proof of the failure. I shared a Google Drive folder with them.