Keep freezing and "artifacting"

At least once a day when I’m playing on a Zoom call, watching Youtube, or playing Dota 2, the laptop freezes and makes a LOUD buzzing sound like this.


  • Happens on external and local monitor.
  • GPU temps are all normal when it occurs (50-60c).
  • Drivers are fully updated.

Anyone know what might be causing this?


Hello Cartapo,

Never saw this. how old is your laptop? I would advise try contact CHUWI Support directly if no one else have an input that may help in here.

Have you tried format and reinstall windows to Factory setup?

Once I had an issue with Screen flickeding on a DELL XPS, it was only a driver issue (Newest driver was causing this and I had to go back to previous)

Hello cartapo,

Please check Screen flickers - Laptops / CoreBook X - CHUWI | Official Forum

Your problem may be a variation of the one presented in this topic. I would say to you try revert Video driver to a previous version. If issue still persists, contact CHUWI Support directly “”.

I would say to have already prepared some video showing the issue for them. This may help to have support quickier.