CHUWI CoreBook X Screen Flickering

Hello Chuwi Community!

I got myself CoreBook X and ever since starting the PC I’ve realized that there is a special kind of screen flickering happening every now and then. To describe the flicker itself, it appears horizontally for a brief moment, kind of like screen tearing in games. The screen moves left and right very quickly and then goes back to normal. I’ve installed all Windows updates, however I didn’t update the drivers from intel. I’ll try that out right now but I hope to find someone with a similar issue to mine, because I really like the laptop and if it’s something I can fix with drivers or a quick tweak in the settings I’d rather save myself the hassle of sending the device in again


It’s the screen problem, no matter what the driver is, please contact for after sale

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Hello, I’ll contact them again, I tried once but until now there wasn’t a reply

It happens to me too, especially during downloads.

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Could it be something with the SSD then? I’ve updated some intel drivers and during video playback it only rarely happens now

I have the same issue on my CoreBox Pro. I get a lot of color tearing and flickering on windows 10 desktop. I have tried old, new and beta drivers including the generic video driver that comes with windows 10 Home. I’m pretty frustrated.

try This… worked for me.

Open Device Manager > Network Adapters. Right-click - Intel Dual Band Wireless > Properties > Advanced.

In Property - select Transmit Power and Value: 3. Medium

-in my case was a only battery issue, with Power A/C was working fine but when i swich to batery mode it starts to flicker…