Surbook Display Flickering / flashing

Hi everyone,

My Surbook display suddenly flashing/flickering after using zoom app.
I have tried to uninstall the display adapters from the device manager and install the update again but that doesn’t work.

Does anyone have a solution to this issue? please share


I have the same problem … sent email to … no replies yet

I also have the same problem, enabling power saving in Intel Control Panel makes it less frequent but after a while it starts flickering again. for me its at the bottom most of the time. Yesterday it was shaking from right to left. Surbook is 2 years old, problem exists since 6 months

solution for me was to disable intel virtualization technology in BIOS. its working without flickering currently. If I wont report back here, then the issue is fixed

I tried disable intel virtualization technology … didn’t work… Chuwi Support basically says they have no parts to repair the Surbook so there’s nothing they can do.

It seems that it’s related to heat issues though, the problem only surfaces when the Surbook heats up

Problem still exists, disabling Intel virtualization Technology didnt Help :frowning: