SURBOOK not able to switch on again ... ;-(

Hi There,

Not able to switch my surbook on again :frowning: CHUWI saying no replacement parts and repair because it is tooo old - nearly only 3 years :frowning: -

red LED upper rigth cornor does not light up steady or flashing any more. Powersupply seems ok … green keyboard LED lights up if powersupply connected.

Powerswitch pressing long or short time does noch give any chance to start up.

Open the Surbook and checked if any cables are connected good … got video from CHUWI.

Anybody had same problems and has a solution or hints to check the mistake?


same problem. not starting

I had this problem a little close to 2 years ago. Reached out to Chuwi and was advised to try using an off-brand adapter and USB-C cable as I was trying to verify if it was an issue with the cable that came with the unit. Ended up purchasing their recommendation but the tablet would not charge or power on. Asked if I could get support from Chuwi and was advised to seek assistance from a local repair shop.

All the shops are afraid to touch this device because there are no parts suppliers anywhere. Per what I recall before I realized the device would not take charge, it would at least retain power and eventually slowly discharged as normal from not being connected to a power source.

Videos on Youtube show similar Chuwi products having this issue due to a bad USB-C connector. I’d like it be able to figure this out with use of a multimeter to see where the disconnect in the power lies, but I’m not knowledgeable to figure this out; I’m more of a “take things apart and replace with working parts to fix” repair guy. But with almost no spare parts available anywhere, I think this is a loss.

Next time I’ll just get a Surface; at least there’s better support from MS.