Aerobook not turning on

So I use a Pd USB c charger (12v) And recently my aerobook is not turning on I have been using the of charger for about 2 weeks and it is working perfectly but now my aerobook isn’t even turning on. When I hold the power button plugged in it does not evens how a blue light. When I plug in my of charger it shows a green light meaning it has Fu charge but it still dosent turn on. I even tried holding the power button for 30 seconds and still no blue light or anything but the light indicator sti shows it has full charge

Hi Wasi,
I have the same problem with using the original charger after only 30min uptime. Unit is completly dead, no LED’s nothing. Did you get help with your issue yet?

Still have not, probably just going to send it to warrenty again bad manufacturing on chuwis part