Aerobook stops turning on

My aerobook - bought in June- has suddenly stopped turning on. I wasn’t aware of any battery charging issues prior to this.

When pressing down the power button for a few seconds the blue Power LED flashes briefly but the computer does not power up. It will not even power up when plugged in.

As soon as this issue arose the charging LED was red but is now green - I’m assuming that means the battery is fully charged?

I’ve been trying both the original charger and the USB-C PD charger we’ve used for the last 3 months

You must contact

I think, because of your explanations, that the device may be locked as a security measure in the event of an electrical problem in the charger (the original or the USB C P.D.). Something similar happened to me with a MacBook Air and was solved simply by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery.
You can try to do this by opening the Aerobook and disconnecting the power cable from the motherboard for a few seconds.
This is advice, not an official response from Chuwi.

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Thanks for your reply. In your experience how long do they take to get back to you via the aftersale inbox?

Normally, 24/48 hours

hello, if you didn’t get reply in 24 hrs(work day), please send another email copy to, I will follow up on it.

Thanks for your attention. I will do

I have had a response but I’m now stuck in a loop.

I’ve sent a photo of the S/N and proof of purchase as well as the supplied “Error” RMA form - but the latter requires a tracking number and when I chase for an address to send the laptop to, I’m asked to complete the form again.

This laptop has been dead for several weeks now and I’m frustrated that I’m no closer to a resolution

Since you want to solve the problem, please follow the after-sale instructions.Please forgive us if we make the process a little tedious.

I am following the process - precisely - for 2 weeks now and nothing is happening. I am just sent back to the start every time

So it’s nearly a month now since I tried to find out how to get my new but dead Laptop repaired. I have sent the completed form, plus serial number and proof of purchase, several times. I do hear back but only to ask for the form again or to tell me someone from Spain will be in touch - they never have been.

What can I do?

Please send me your email address.

@Management this is ridiculous…

The Spaniard we mentioned to you after sale is because we have maintenance stations in Spain, and he is the staff there.The reason we can’t let you contact us directly is that we need to make an appointment for you.So if he hasn’t replied to you, please tell me your email address and I will forward it to the after-sales department to see what is going on.By the way, I will also urge the staff in Spain to contact you.

Thanks for your assistance. How do I send my email to you privately?

Click on the Management icon in this thread and a window will open in which you can select to send a private message

I have sent a private message to @Management that but not heard anything back. And still nothing from

I have been trying to get some customer support for a month now and I’m still no closer than getting my new but dead laptop fixed

Because the company server is not very stable, so forum has not been opened for two days.I just saw it. I have asked the relevant department for you.They’ll get back to you.