Chuwi aerobook battery do not charge

Yesterday I bought this laptop in Amazon it cost me 430 Euros (new!!!). Today I’me very surprise that the device does not charge. The battery charge icon is in 20% and does not increse when having the adapter connected to the power (220 Vac). It dows not seem reliable.
Any suggestion, apart from send it back to Amazon and and get my money?

I had a very similar problem, I got the laptop “charged” it (switched off) with the original charger and when I booted it for the first time it was showing me 24% charge after an hour switched off “charging”. But during use with the charger plugged the charge fell furhter down and then the machine stopped working at all, not even the charging LED was on :frowning:
I installed a new battery that I bought on my own expense, still no charging. I opened the laptop again and traced the problem to the mainboard charging circuit not working.
Return it as soon as possible, not worth the pain.

If your equipment is new and is under warranty, exercise it and request a refund or replacement from the seller