My Aerobook stopped working

I have a 13.3 "CHUWI Aerobook laptop, a device that I bought last year (2019) in August on the Aliexpress platform in the official CHUWI store. The order was received in Lima-Peru, only in mid-November of the year past, and since I’ve been using it for work, especially for office work.

However, in late December the battery started to fail and I was unable to use the laptop if it was not connected to electricity. As soon as I disconnected it, it closed and didn’t turn on until after restarting and loading Windows at least three times.

So I’ve been using it, online only, for a few months. However, from two days ago, the laptop suddenly stopped working completely. It does not light at all. The laptop has not been dropped in any way, nor has water been dropped. I checked it inside to see if it’s a battery problem, I removed the battery to isolate the problem, I also cleaned and secured the internal parts to see if it’s a false contact problem, but the problem was also not resolved. . I have tested the charger with a multimeter and its voltage is ok so it is not a charger problem either.

I know the battery problem is something that has happened to many people, I was going through the same thing. However, the laptop no longer powers on. Has anyone been the same? Do you know how I could solve the problem? Has Chuwi given any answers regarding Aerobook issues?

Thanks for your attention!

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