Problems with Chuwi aerobook - avoid all chuwi products


I bought 2 chuwi aerobook laptops, one for me and one for family member.

I have problems with both laptops

  1. My laptop with serial number

serial number Q256G19********* has problems with keyboard, some keypad are not working. Before I buy, I was told that I have 1 year warranty if any problem chuwi will repair. from aliexpress tells me that the team in spain will be in touch to arrange free repair. However, aftersales tell me to pay $28.

  1. The second laptop has serial number Q256G19****

My cousin tell me it doesn’t turn on. She has tried charging using different charger, but the laptop will not turn on. She has many important work from school she needs to access but cannot.

I am extremely furious and I request chuwi to arrange repairs of both laptops as initially promised before I bought the laptops.

If chuwi fails to respond, I will have no choice but to escalate to trading standards and I will make sure I expose how bad chuwi is, I will ensure that further sales are affected. I will report you to the news outlets, YouTube reviewers, Facebook and other social media sites. I will invest my time to make sure the world knows how bad chuwi is

It seems other customers on the forum have the same problem.

Why can’t you be like other companies like Dell, Huawei, Hp and have nice customer service and look after your customers?

I have sent several emails to aftersales and it seems no one wants to help.

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I also have the problem with Chuwi Aerobook.

I will support you.

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BAD product. BAD Service. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hello and welcome to the forum

@Management should look into this and try to help them.

Good luck.

Same problem with me with Aerobook, won’t turned on. @Aj123 I support you.

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Can you guys fix it yet?

If you can fix it, please tell me how to fix it.

İ also have problems with my aerobook, the left corner of the keyboard cracked open. This is a known problem which a lot of customers had to experience. İ want a refund or a new aerobook without the defects!

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I had the same problem last year and I got someone at Chuwi to reply to me. Hopefully you solved this by now but if not you have to continually press the power button until it powers up. The red power light will light when it powers on. It’s a dumb way to turn on a laptop.

I had a similar problem with the battery of my AeroBook. I went to the chuwi and a few days later the Chuwi technical service in Europe was contacted through my email, to which I sent the laptop and it was returned to me in a week completely repaired. At this moment I am writing from him.

try write to

same thing happened to my chuwi aerobook laptop. very poor quality! such a waste of money and time.