Chuwi Aerobook keeps switching off as if power button is stuck

Backed the Aerobook on indiegogo but few days back it doesn’t want to boot. It is acting as if the power button is stuck or something. Found a way on youtube by holding the “~” tilde key and was able to boot into Windows and backup my data. However once I release the ~ key, windows will initiate shutdown and it will switch off like how it would react when one press and holds the power button and cuts the power.

When powering on without holding the ~ key, it will show boot screen for a few second and switch off again. Anyone encounter this issue? How do I get it fixed in Singapore?

i managed to get them to send me a “new” keyboard after 2 months. The keyboard arrived, with missing keycap and the cable pin has got some black patches. Tried to swap keyboard, doesn’t work… never did reply my multiple emails. The keyboard was sent by their indiegogo rep, which i backed the laptop from. They wanted me to send the laptop but local postal just won’t take it due to li-on battery inside (dangerous goods). To send by Fedex or DHL would have cost another hundred.

US$400 down the drain, no support whatsoever.

You can find any local service that repairs laptops on component level, they will easily fix this problem .
Or you can disassembly laptop, take out battery and send laptop without battery. :thinking:

excatly what I did when I couldn’t send it back to Chuwi. That’s why Chuwi (Indiegogoo rep) was okay with sending me a keyboard to try and let the laptop repair shop fix it. Although they sent a faulty part and it arrived 2 months after… I’m supposed to pay the laptop repair shop too for work done, but laptop still not fixed

Bump same problem as of yesterday, chuwi aerobook is stuck on atempting automatic repair

I registered today in this forum just to contribute a report that I encountered the same exact problem as markietan today.