How to change the AeroBook battery

This is a tutorial to change the battery to the Chuwi AeroBook for an official or compatible one.
In the first place, to say that this is not an official response of Chuwi to the problem raised with some batteries of this model that, after a few months of use, fall from performance even becoming almost unusable the laptop without being plugged into its charger.
Chuwi, for the moment, recommends sending the AeroBook to its after-sales department to perform the warranty repair there since the regulations in China do not allow the shipment of lithium batteries through a transport agency. I know for sure that Chuwi is trying to find a solution to this.

Having said this, we take action.
Given the drop in the battery performance of my AeroBook I tried to find an alternative solution to that offered by Chuwi, in my eagerness to find the reasons for the failure and if the battery was really the problem.
I looked for the battery providers and found a store in AlíExpress that offered both a battery equal to the official one, and a compatible one with a little more capacity.
In the end, to avoid falling back into the bug if it played on the official battery, I decided to ask for the alternative.
The purchase link is this:

The order arrived to me at three weeks, in a perfect packaging and very well protected.

The battery has the same connection as the official one, so you don’t have to make any adaptation.

To change it, you have to unscrew the screws that appear on the bottom cover surrounding the entire laptop, plus the two screws of the SSD cover, plus two other screws hidden under the rear rubber feet of the AeroBook. In order to reach them, it is necessary to take off, with the tip of a flat screwdriver, part of these rubber feet, without having to take them off completely.

Put the screws in a safe place and taking into account the location of each of them since there are three different models for their size. As an aid you can make a sketch on a paper with the drawing of the AeroBook and deposit the screw in the corresponding place.

Once all the screws have been removed, with the help of a plastic spike we must separate the cover, starting at the farthest part of the hinge, that is, by the corners near the touchpad and patiently and without forcing the clips of adjustment.

Once the cover is removed we will find the battery in the foreground that is fastened by 6 screws to the chassis.

We must remove the 6 screws and then with smooth movements remove the plug of electrical connection to the motherboard. I did it only with my fingers, I didn’t need any tools to disconnect it.
In order not to lose the screws, since the new battery does not need them, we must re-screw the screws in place taking into account that there is one, of greater length that also serves as a fastener to the frame of the SSD compartment.

The battery will be released and it is time to take the new one.
We must first locate the destination of the battery and once the place is found, taking advantage of the existing side tabs in the area closest to the hinge to verify that it is stable.

Next we must connect the plug to the plate gently until it reaches the bottom.

Once connected, it is time to secure the battery so that it does not move. For this we must use the adhesive tape that accompanies the battery. I cut it into two halves, using one vertically and the other horizontally on two sides, being firmly fixed.

It is time to replace the cover and put all the screws respecting where they came from.

Once the process is finished, we must turn on the AeroBook and verify that it works, although the values ​​that the battery manager will give will not yet be true. Once it is checked that it turns on - it may do several reboots before starting Windows - we put the charger and let the load percentage reach 100%.

It would also be of interest to perform a battery calibration if we see that it does not reach 100% during charging.


How does the Battery perform now? How long does it hold the charge and how long can you run the Laptop without plugging it back to the Power suply? Who is paying for the battery? Since im from Germany, sending the Notebook to HK cost more than buying a replacement battery.

I have not yet completed a full battery cycle, but for what it takes so far, I think it will far exceed 6 hours. When I fully discharge it, I will initiate a load up to 100% and then I will make the complete measurement.

As I wrote at the beginning, this is not an official solution of Chuwi since, at the moment, it indicates that they should send to repair to China.

Muchas gracias manonegra, has hecho mas tu en solucionar que la misma Chuwi, quisiera que nos mantuvieras informados como se esta comportando la nueva bateria.

No creas, Chuwi está informada de mi trabajo y está buscando una solución alternativa a tener que enviar el AeroBook a China y poder enviar una batería a los afectados, pero es que la legislación en China no permite el envío de baterías por agencia de transportes.

A las 24 horas de haberla puesto, va perfecta. Solo lo he usado unas horas y la batería se ha descargado hasta el 40%, desde el 80 y dice que todavía le quedan más de 3 horas.

Muchas gracias manonegra, un crack, parece que este problema se esta volviendo extremadamente común, cada día veo en el post de “aerobook - battery not charging” mas y más gente con esto. Ahora no se si comprarla me sea más util o enviarla desde españa a HK.

No tanto, es seguro una partida de baterías las que tiene el problema y es que fallan las celdas.

Can you translate it to englisch please?

With the new battery is Charging via USB C still possible?

The new battery that I installed has the same functions as the original. I installed it 2 days ago and now I am measuring charge and discharge times before communicating the problem solution.

Although I have already achieved 6 hours of screen I have not yet been able to calibrate the energy values in Windows, so it turns off suddenly when Windows tells me that there is still 38%, (something impossible after 6 hours).When I complete the calibration process, I will also leave here the instructions to do it

With the original battery im facing the same problem with calibration it last no more than 1-2 hours (same problem like others here) but my main problem its that it stops suddenly without any low baterry warning in both Linux and Windows. I’ve just updated EC ( BIOS ) as Chuwi told me after contacting after-sales but it does not work at all.
Is there any way to calibrate the battery?

Please, can you check the battery report for a new battery?

  1. Hit Windows Button + X and select Command Prompt (Admin)
  2. Type in and enter: powercfg /batteryreport
  3. Open the Battery report HTML file to view it.
    This command will create a battery report under C:\WINDOWS\system32\battery-report.html or, in Windows versions older than Windows 10, under C:\Users[Username]

How can I update EC Bios? Where are the files and instructions?

You have to send an email to explaining your problem.
They will give you the files and the manual to do it.

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Manonegra, do you have any news about the battery. I want to buy a new one, but i need to be sure that the battery will work.

Have you done the calibration process?

Also that battery that you shared the link can’t be sent to my country

I continue with the battery calibration. It works fine and I don’t have to have the Aerobook plugged in to use it but, although I have removed the battery drivers and reinstalled them, Windows takes erroneous readings of the percentage and remaining time and when the percentage reaches 37% it turns off knock.
In anticipation that it was a value that has remained in the registry, I have done a clean installation of Windows in the SSD and right now I am testing, with the Chrome browser with several windows open and one of them playing YouTube video. It takes an hour and a half, and Windows indicates that it has 63% and that there are 3 hours and 30 minutes left. If I get that when it reaches 37% it does not turn off and continue with the download to the default 5%, I will publish it and give the issue as solved. I will also inform Chuwi

I also have a problem with the battery, can you write, is it worth buying this battery?