Aerobook Plus 15.6 Battery Replacement

I bought my laptop in June 2021, and within this past week, the battery dropped.
I found out that I am not the only one experiencing this problem.

I contacted and waiting for a reply.

In the meanwhile, I am looking for information regarding the type of battery for my laptop.
I saw in this forum a tutorial to change the Aerobook laptop, but I do not know if my laptop has the same battery type.

And today, I experienced several times power failure, despite the laptop being connected to the AC source. It just went dead without any notice, although I can turn it on again.

Please, advise me.

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Same issue I have contacted support any more ideas about compatible batteries and or guide to changing it?

I am just now experiencing this problem as well. The laptop dies even though it’s plugged in to power. I leave it turned off all day and when I turn it on the battery has not charged.

So it seems I’m in the market for a new battery too.