Laptop battery is gone. Now my aerobook powered up by Powerbank

Battery gone bad and now my laptop only powered up by 20000 mAh battery. It is okay but at start up still need to connect to adapter, because it will sudden turn off and will not turned on if not connect to adapter. What a crappy situation for this great laptop. If I want to buy new battery I need to order from aliexpress with price of usd45. If it gone bad again, I need to spend usd45 again.

Read a lot of this problem from russian telegram group and this is really a design issue. Even if you change battery, it will not solve problem, maybe it is charging ic microchip that is gone bad. Do not know yet, but I hope Chuwi admit their mistake and come up with solution for existing user. There is no way I want to send this laptop back to Hong Kong for warranty claim. It take lifetime to get it back.

I’m in the same situation. Unfortunately, I got the aerobook from Indiegogo, if it had been from Amazon I’d have sent it back for replacement or repair. Apparently one can buy a battery on AliExpress for 45USD (which will be at least 30% more after customs get through with it).

My aerobook also has a bad battery in half a year
I hope chuwi will support bios update etc.

How long is the charge ? My Aerobook has the same problem :frowning:

20 minutes, sometime less than that.

Which powerbank do you use? I have the same problem. If you have the link to that power bank please put it here

+1 on getting the link for the powerbank!