Power problems with AeroBook


I keep on running into power problems with AeroBook. First it stopped charging via USB, then battery stopped charging at all, now I it won’t even turn on. What’s the best way to obtain warranty repairs?

Thank you for taking time to reply, Biosham. I emailed complete order details to aftersales about a week ago but haven’t heard from them. A bit hard to interact with support when they are not there :). Won’t come close to this brand ever again.

I beg you a little patience. They just got back to work and presumably they have many emails to answer.
Wait a few days and write again if you do not receive an answer.

I’m sorry that the after-sales department didn’t give you a timely reply, but please understand.We’re trying to get the work back on track.Please tell me your email address and I’ll speed it up for you.

I also encountered the same problem yesterday my chuwi aerobook suddenly cannot boot up.

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All right, guess what, I had a reply!

Hello, we are only responsible for repairs. We cannot return or refund. We have repair points in Russia, Spain, Hungary, and Hong Kong. You can send them to the nearest repair point for inspection and repair.

Shipping costs are larger than the cost of getting a 3rd party battery on Aliexpress! No info on whether or not they will pay for shipping, etc. Honestly don’t understand why I am wasting my time on this piece of garbage. I guess I was really excited with getting it in first place… Hope people would stay away from Chuwi with low-quality and awful customer service.

Chuwi offers support via email (aftersale@chuwi.com) for consultations and after-sales support and 1 year warranty on its products, with free repair during that period. You would have to send the device to China and bear the cost, Chuwi will repair it and return it free of shipping costs. After the warranty period, the repair costs will run from your account.

Look at this from my perspective: I am stuck with a malfunctioning laptop with the cost of shipping that exceeds the repair costs. Chuwi aftersales is now taking more than a week to respond to my follow-up email.

It’s also very helpful you can fix my device in China. Too bad I am on the other side of the world. Yes I admit I was an idiot wasting my money on Chuwi, but so would be other people buying it. Remember that “a poor man pays twice” and stay away from Chuwi.

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I got the same problem. Since a week ago, the battery drain very fast. And in three days ago, laptop cannot switch on. May any suggestion to fix it? I have contacted to chuwi support, but no answer.

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If you don’t get a proper reply in 24hrs, please tag me , I will follow up on it. Have a good day!

I ve been mailing to aftersales-services@chuwi.com 4 days ago. I also attached invoice, screenshoot of condition at the time, but but no reply again till now. And now, its getting worst. Need to fix asap

please contact aftersale@chuwi.com

Hello !
My AeroBook (S256G19060300) problem change. Notebook the battery runs out very quickly (15-20 min)
I want to try reflashing the bios. Can you send a link to download the BIOS for my Chuwi Aerobook?
Please Help!

Emailing aftersale@chuwi.com is useless, the fastest response I had was 7 days. I’ve been trying to reach them since March 2, but they don’t reply. Everybody on this thread, please give Chuwi negative reviews everywhere you can - they should not be allowed to sell their crap!!!


Same problem here. The fully charged battery has been discharging within a very short time since last week. (approx. 30 minutes without working on it intensively). I hope that at least it will continue to work like that when plugged in. But according to your reviews it gets worse and you can’t use it at all. I urgently need the laptop for work and this situation is very bad right now. I ordered the laptop at the end of last May, so not even a year ago. I’ve never experienced such problems with any other laptop in such a short time.

Is there a possibility to repair the laptop in Europe, too? Because you said that we have to send it to China? In the current situation, the repair will take forever since you already wait so long for the answers from customer service. Could you comply with us and send us a battery under “warranty coverage”?

If we find no proper solution, I’m afraid it will negatively affect my reviews, too.


Any solution? I am facing the same issue and it is so frustrating!

Ive been emailing their “aftersale@chuwi.com” account since the 4th of January with no replies. I’ve also tried emailing them from 3 different accounts of mine and still no response. Terrible customer service! My laptop is completely useless now. It only worked for about 3 months before the battery started dying after maybe 15-20 minutes, then it went down to about 2 minutes until it finally only ran when it was plugged in. Now (since march) I cant even use it plugged in. It just keeps shutting down. Complete waste of money.

Please tell me your email address.

My CHUWI Aerobook died. It won’t turn on even if fully charged or plugged into the wall outlet. I bought the Aerobook just last October. I have emailed CHUWI support several times for instructions for warranty service . I haven’t received any response. Please help me. I’m using the laptop for school studies.