Aerobook - battery not charging

My Aerobook arrived one week ago and i´m having trouble to charge the battery. It only work with the power supply plugged in, the battery holds 5 min (7%) …

And also the Usb-c is not working because i couldnt find a driver to install.

I did everything i could , reinstalled all drivers (updated) , reinstalled the latest win10 for aerobook etc…

Any suggestion?

Sorry for my english.


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My advice is to open a ticket at the buyer and request the return or exchange of the product.You can do some checks in the device manager in case the problem is software instead of hardware, which is what it seems.Is there a yellow triangle in the device manager?

Hello, for aftersale service(repair, replacement, tech support), please contact, our service department will help you out with this issue. Sorry for the inconveniences caused.

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My Aerobook working very well… and battery backup mostly 6 hour more…it unbelievable.
I am buy it from gearbest :

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Tks for your help. I oened a ticket at . Im still trying some things but with no success, battery is not charging and usb-c not working …

Any other tip?!!

Download and unzip these drivers into an AeroBook folder. Once you have them, go to the device manager and click on the device with the yellow triangle with the right button, update driver, on the next screen choose the option below “search for software of the controller on the computer ”, on the next screen choose the option below“ Choose from a list of available drivers on the computer ”, on the next click on the“ use disk ”button and the browser that is displayed, select the folder where you have downloaded and unzipped the downloaded drivers, leaving the option to search in subfolders.

I tried to install, did everything you told to do but win couldnt find the driver. Can you tell me wich one is the right driver or the official site to download the usb-c driver. Is there any bios update?


I tried to find a BIOS to flash it but i couldnt find. May Be IF I change some BIOS settings should solve The problem?
Anyone knows The manufacturer of The usb-c por?
Can I format The Aerobook and install The Linux Mint?

Does anybody knows what data the usb-c charger must have in order to charge an Aerobook via the USB-C port? Tried to charge with the Samsung EP-TA800 and some other cahrgers, but without sucess…
Or is there someting in the Bios or Windows what has to be activated?
(After the Windows Hardware Manager the USB-C seems to be recognized and working correct).


Both the chargers and powerbanks compatible with the AeroBook must be with port C with P.D. (Power Delivery) with a voltage of 12 volts and 2A. In the case of the powerbank, at least 20,000 mAh so that at least enough for a full charge.Chargers and PD powerbanks already tested with the Aerobook and that work:
Dodocool battery:

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I tried the Usb-c charger and its working indeed but the battery wont charge anyway. It only works with the power supply plugged in.

Do you have another advice? I´m talking to the Chuwi customer service but its not so good. The seller now insinuated to send it back to China. If it were yours what would you do?

It is clear that your AeroBook has a problem, which seems to be hardware, whereby the battery or charging module is damaged.
This requires the intervention of a technician and as the device is under warranty, my advice is that you send it to Chuwi.
I don’t know what your country is, but from mine, Spain, shipping can cost around 30 euros. Chuwi will return it without additional charges and repaired or exchanged.
My advice is to repair it, I am very happy with the operation of my AeroBook, which has become my daily use PC.

I have the same issue here is my report and a video guys help and here is a video of my laptop

AYUB, i saw your video and is exactly the same problem!

I am talking to the Chuwi customers services, but so far with no solution…

May be its a recurring manufacturing defect of the AEROBOOK because i found some others users in others foruns with this problem too.

I liked it a lot, but i cant “trust” with all these problems…

If you have any solution please let me know…


Tengo el mismo problema, he subido también un video:

He hablado con chuwi para una solución y me dicen que envíe a Hong Kong la laptop porque es un problema que requiere reparación, sin embargo, no puedo enviarla porque mi país (Perú) no permite el envío de laptops por servicio regular y chuwi no acepta otro porque dice que le cobrarían gastos adicionales que no asumirán.

Me siento decepcionado con chuwi, ya publicaré mi post.
En lo personal, nunca más compraré esta marca, su servicio técnico por mail, no se si sea la barrera del idioma (yo les hablaba en ingles) o simplemente desidia, pero era muy inutil. Demoraron mucho en responderme y parecía que no sabían lo que hacían.

He intentado formateando el disco, reinstalé los drivers y también reinstalé el firmware que encontré en este foro y no he obtenido solución.

3 Meses me duró el aerobook, y aunque su material y diseño me encanta, gastarme 500 dolares en una laptop que tiene que estar permanentemente conectada fue la peor decisión tecnológica que he tomado en mi vida. (Pensar que vendí mi macbook del 2013, pensando que el aerobook sería más portatil).

En fin, no deseo aburrirlos. Me solidarizo con ustedes. Espero encontrar alguna solución, algún día.

I am talking to the Chuwi customers services, but so far with no solution…

May be its a recurring manufacturing defect of the AEROBOOK because i found some others users in others foruns with this problem too.

I liked it a lot, but i cant “trust” with all these problems …

If you have any solution please let me know…

[/ quote]

I have the same problem, I have also uploaded a video: https: // V = UkHDhGIk8PE

I have spoken with chuwi for a solution and they tell me to send the laptop to Hong Kong because it is a problem that requires repair, however, I cannot send it because my country (Peru) does not allow the sending of laptops by regular service and chuwi does not accept another because he says he would be charged additional expenses that he will not assume.

I feel disappointed with chuwi, I will publish my post.
Personally, I will never buy this brand, its technical service by mail, I do not know if it is the language barrier (I spoke to them in English) or simply neglect, but it was very useless. They took a long time to answer me and it seemed they didn’t know what they were doing.

I tried formatting the disk, reinstalled the drivers and also reinstalled the firmware I found in this forum and I have not obtained a solution.

3 Months the aerobook lasted for me, and although I love its material and design, spending 500 dollars on a laptop that has to be permanently connected was the worst technological decision I’ve made in my life. (To think that I sold my macbook of 2013, thinking that the aerobook would be more portable).

Anyway, I don’t want to bore you. I sympathize with you. I hope to find some solution, someday.

ok brother i Will inform you any update i also contact the customer support

@vengastriker I read your message and the video what have you done now, did sent your laptop to chuwi or still

Lamento leer esto. He visto el vídeo y todo parece un problema de la batería. Espero que no sea un error recurrente en todos los AeroBook ya que estoy muy contento con el funcionamiento del mismo e incluso, aunque no da las 8 horas anunciadas, con la duración y su sistema de carga Power Delivery, que permite recargar en cualquier sitio con una powerbank apropiada.
Veo que ya has realizado calibración y reinstalación de sistema y drivers, por lo que pienso que el problema es claramente de hardware. Sólo intentaría utilizar otro cargador compatible para tener la seguridad de que el fallo es de la batería.
Creo que el servicio postventa deberá encontrar una solución para que tu AeroBook sea reparado.

Sorry to read this. I have seen the video and everything seems like a battery problem. I hope it is not a recurring error in all AeroBook since I am very happy with the operation of the same and even, although it does not give the 8 hours announced, with the duration and its Power Delivery charging system, which allows recharging anywhere with An appropriate powerbank.
I see that you have already performed calibration and reinstallation of system and drivers, so I think the problem is clearly hardware. I would only try to use another compatible charger to be sure that the fault is the battery.
I think the after-sales service should find a solution for your AeroBook to be repaired.

I agree with everything u said. If they told me that would send a new battery or even where to buy another one to try , i would do…

Another solution for you is to buy a usb c pd power bank to use as an external battery…

Good luck for us! Any news i ll post here…

SPANISH: No puedo enviar el portatil a HK porque chuwi me explico por mail que solo aceptarían si el envío se realiza por correo regular, es decir, correo nacional (el cual no acepta envío de nada que incluya baterías de litio) y que si yo lo hacía por otro medio (DHL o otro) habrían costos que no asumirán y harán que devuelva el producto. (Aunque tampoco enviaría por un servicio express, ya que el envío hasta HK no es conveniente por el costo).
Actualmente me encuentro en Perú, en enero viajaré a España y espero desde ahí poder enviar el portatil a HK o buscar un servicio técnico con experiencia en Chuwi y repararla por mi cuenta.

Por último, como mencionó un comentario posterior también solicité a chuwi el envío de una nueva pieza de batería, pero me dicen que no pueden enviarlo, por el mismo problema que tengo yo para enviar la laptop (algunos países ya no aceptan envios con baterías de litio).

@manonegra222 si, lo he probado con un cargador PD de la marca tronstmart y el problema es el mismo. Incluso, desde hace unos días con su cargador de la caja ya no carga correctamente y se apaga a pesar de estar conectado, por lo cual ahora la uso permanentemente conectado al usb c por PD.

ENGLISH: I cannot send the notebook to HK because chuwi explained to me by mail that they would only accept if the shipment is made by regular mail, that is, national mail (which does not accept sending anything that includes lithium batteries) and that if I I did it by other means (DHL or other) there would be costs that will not be assumed and will cause the product to be returned. (Although I would not send for an express service, since shipping to HK is not convenient for the cost).
I am currently in Peru, in January I will travel to Spain and I hope from there to send the notebook to HK or find a technical service with experience in Chuwi and repair it on my own.

Finally, as mentioned in a later comment, I also asked Chuwi to send a new piece of battery, but they tell me that they cannot send it, for the same problem that I have to send the laptop (some countries no longer accept shipments with batteries of lithium).

@ manonegra222 yes, I tried it with a Tronstmart brand PD charger and the problem is the same. Even for a few days with its charger the box no longer charges properly and turns off despite being connected, so now I use it permanently connected to the USB c by PD.