Power problems with AeroBook

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Hi… the same as mine… by battery of Chuwi Aerobook can’t be charged anymore… so it needs to be plugged or powered up by special powerbank that support PD… I used it for 4 months, and it already like this… try to buy new battery from aliexpress but most can’t be shipped to Indonesia… there were several stores can make a shipment to Indoensia with a high prize, hi shipment cost and not to mention the tax 30% that I also have to paid…

Write to service@chuwi.com please

Hello there, I also have same issue, the laptop only 1 month old, and suddenly it turning off. Tried to remove the battery, plug the charger and tried to press the power button,but still not working. I think the quality of chuwi aerobook is not really good.

hi i have thesame issue, im stuck with look chuwi logo, i did some solutions on the net but still the problem is there


I have reported the same problem. I bought an Aerobook on November 2019 and since the beginning I noticed that the battery was not very durable. The problem went gradual for my case.
Recently a major problem came up. The battery is really dropping from 100% to zero in half an hour or, worse, ten minutes. I don’t even get the message that the device has low battery and I have to recharge it, it just dies all of a sudden with an abrupt noise. Then when I put it back on charge, it takes about 5 minutes to turn on again but reaches 100% immediately after.
I got to the point that I have to keep the laptop constantly charged.

This seems to be a known issue of this device and I am so disappointed about how the after-sale service is handling this. After days of waiting, they get back with a poor answer which does not provide a solution at all, and then they tell me that I can send it to Spain to have it repaired and that it can take 1 month or two! On top of it, I have to pay for the shipping, this is ridicolous and agains any [EU laws for Guarantees and retuns.](https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/shopping/guarantees-returns/faq/index_en.htm#:~:text=Under%20EU%20law%2C%20within%20the,This%20includes%20any%20shipping%20costs.&text=In%20this%20case%2C%20you%20may,agrees%20that%20it%20was%20defective. )

If the problem is due to the battery it would be okay also to ship a replacement battery with instructions, but your customer service really shows no empathy with your customers who bought YOUR products and trusted your brand.

As a last resource, I will contact Amazon and explain this all situation to them, since I bought the product via Amazon.

The device is basically new and before this issue became so problematic I really liked it. I bought it as I saw so many positive comments and review on the product, but now I wish I didn’t. After my experience with the poor customer service I really believe that I will not buy or recommend Chuwi products ever again.

The problem is due to a batch of batteries that have presented the problem. I myself suffered the same problem and sent my AeroBook to the technical service in Spain.
I am very happy with the result, right now I am writing to you from the AeroBook that has been repaired and working 100%
I don’t know what your country is, but the shipping cost to me was 12 euros. It will be returned to you free of charge

Same problem here with my Aerobook. I bought Aerobook on April 2020. One month later, with no particular reasons, my Aerobook didn’t turned on. I guessed it no power from battery, I charged the battery until fully charged. BBut still my Aerobook won’t turned on. I sent the Aerobook to the shop I bought it online, and the shop do checked my Aerobook. The service department of the Shop replied to me , my Aerobook has problem with the mainboard, and can not be repaired by them. They didn’t have part to repair my Aerobook.
What should I do CHUWI???

Hi @manonegra222, thank you for your clarification. I also read another post on this forum with your experience and it gave me a bit of hope. However, I was not as lucky as you with the communication with the after-sale service and their copy past answers are not helping me much or providing all the information I need.

I am from Italy so I guess the freight will cost a bit more. Still, I do not know what you guys think but I am really reluctant to pay for an item that arrived already faulty. The company should bear these costs, that is how warranty works. I was pretty sure that I bought a device with warranty so I do not expect to pay these kind of costs.

Also, not knowing how long this is going to take is quite upsetting, as I work with my laptop and do not have a replacement at the moment.

Good day sir! I would like to seek for help with my chuwi aerobook laptop which I bought only a month ago. It wont turn on anymore.