Chuwi Aerobook keeps switching off as if power button is stuck

Thank you very much. I have disconnected the keyboard ribbon cable and separated pin from it pin 27 and 28 and reconnected only the two power button pins. My aerobook is useable again just without the keyboard. I will just use an external one. I had this same wont turn on problem a few months after i bought this laptop and had it shipped to shenzhen China for warranty repairs. It had cost me more than 100 dollars via DHL. When i got it back i asked for a service report for what was done. They would not give information. Now i know that they just replaced the keyboard and now that the warranty has expired i have to buy from chuwi a keyboard that will only last several months. Such poor quality. Total waste of time and money.

Glad to know that you solved the problem, and thanks for sharing and thus confirming that the keyboard in the Aerobook (and probably other keyboards in the Chuwi lines of laptops as well) has manufacturing quality issues, and a keyboard replacement will not solve the problem for long. Those who still want to get a keyboard replacement after warranty expiry should take note.