Aerobook body cracks near hinges

Hi everybody! I’m from Russia and i want to buy Chuwi Aerobook, because i find it just perfect for my needs due to its light weight metal body, IPS screen, smooth keyboard and overall performance. However, Aerobook is not so perfect as it may seem, mainly because of the cracks that appear on the laptop body near hinges after a few weeks/months of exploitation. Judging from posts on Russian forums and social networks groups the problem is quite common. There are already several cases when the Aerobook body cracked near hinges (mainly in the upper left corner of the keyboard). There are cases when cracks appear near both left and right hinges. And the number of such complaints increases. Dear Aerobook users, do you have such cracks near hinges on your laptops too? Where is the guarantee that if I buy Aerobook, the laptop body won’t crack?
As a proof, here are the photos of the first case of cracked Aerobook body.
1 case (first Aerobook with cracks)

More cases, photos and videos are coming.

2 case (Second Aerobook with cracks)

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It is the first time I read something about this “problem.” I have seen the video and I think the break has occurred by forcing the screen to open beyond the maximum limit. Keep in mind that, although laptops are made of aluminum alloy, the inner part surrounding the keyboard and touchpad is made of plastic.
My AeroBook has been in my house since last May and has no breakage or bump in the hinge area or anywhere. I must also say that when I move it, it always goes in its padded case and has not received any pressure or blow.

Hi, my Aerobook also broke on the hinge, although it broke on the back side of the hinge. First, it cracked sometimes when I opened/closed it. Then I recogniszed, that when closed one side did not close completely. There seemed to be some tension on the hinge, because when slightley pressing on the hinge it closed. A few weeks later the hinge cracked on the back side. I then tried to keep it open and contacted support. Another few weeks later I accidentely closed the Aerobook and the hinge broke. Now when closed, already the display seems to take damage because of the tension. Already sent it to Chuwi for repair.
I used the Aerobook mainly at home and have it in a padded case when moved. No external pressure, falling down or other forces.
Here are some pictures:


Thanks for sharing your experience. It will serve other users.
One question: did you notice when closing or opening the lid any resistance or click before breaking?

I have many posts and emails about similar problem with Aerobook from those who opted to buy this model. At this moment totally about 8-10 cases of such damage were reported in our local forum post and social communities.
Most of those who complain about this particular problem bought the first generation of Aerobook (128Gb).
None from these people ever told that they opened the cover over allowed angle with/without additional force. And personally I can confirm it by my own case as I have bought this model myself.
If you need a link to our chat and stories as a proof - I’ll post it here later.
Generally the problem appears after approx half a year of exploiting the Aerobook. Even so, initially it is already easy to recognize forthcoming damage from the signs below:

  • if a cover does not close in precisely ‘closed’ position, meaning that in such position the cover does not touch the body of a laptop (few millimeters space between the cover and body of the Aerobook is left).
  • if in the process of raising the cover from the closed position a user can hear definite ‘snap’-sounds and feels friction of the parts where the cover and the main body of the Aerobook are connected .
  • visually it can be seen on the corners near keys “Power” and “Escape” and on the corners of the cover which mirror them. There appears bending both of plastic and then, stratification of the display corners. Also the external side of the cover on Aerobook can be bending outside too. Some described cases belong for right side, some for left. In the majority of cases that I’ve read - right side (Power Button), same as showed on previous reply, but more worst.
    For visualization of the problem and of the damage which results further you can check the images attached in the post below:

    More photos also available.
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I have the 128GB AeroBook of Indiegogo crowdfunding for what is of the first version, since May 2019. I do not appreciate any problem or any of its initial symptoms, but I appreciate its explanations. I will observe it during the next months.
You should write to the after-sales service ( and communicate this address to the affected users, in order to establish the scope of the problem and the solutions to be taken.
Thank you very much for your writing and images.

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Hello. My Chuwi Aerobook broke down after less than two months from the date of purchase. My case is not only one, there were already enough statistics on the forum 4pda and telegram channel and this problem is massive.

The hinges are very tight for this laptop, so either the base of the plastic inner cover comes off, or the cover itself comes off like mine, because everything is made weakly and everything is plastic.

As you can see the entire base is broken, the sleeves for bolts made of plastic either fell out or did not hold.

I don’t know what to do about it. I also had a broken battery. It does not hold a charge for more than 40 minutes, and the laptop turns off abruptly and completely and my work is not saved on it.

The hinges of the screen cover broke and the battery failed. Two months and a new laptop broke down and it is impossible to use. Is it the quality of chuwi laptops?


Sorry to see this. I think you should write to including a link to your video.
For my part I have to tell you that I not only have the AeroBook as my daily laptop since May and working 100%, but I also have other Chuwi devices without any problem: Hi9Air, Hi9Plus, SurBook, LapBook 12.3 " and Vi10 Pro all in use and with the batteries lasting in the latter, which is from 2015, more than 6 hours.For this reason I continue buying Chuwi devices

Have a same crappy notebook. Reared by myself. With same problem.
The Chuwi itself become company with a very low quality.

Write to


  No, I did not recognize any resistance. Or at least I cant


Useless. I wrote them recently about my problem (described here) with no any reply.

Maybe your email has been identified as spam by the system. Please tell me your email address.You can send me a private message if you mind making it public.

Hello! My mail is clear visible in my forum’s profile!
Sure, here it is: nekh_2001{at}

My Aerobook didn’t brake yet. But I have the same problem with the battery, I can’t even use during 20 minutes. And also have sent an e-mail to the after sale but didn’t get any reply.

Ok,tell me your email.

Hi… I also has battery problem and sudden turn off. Already email to aftersale.
my email is

Please check

My email is

I’ve relayed that you may have received the reply.