Aerobook body cracks near hinges

I’m another one with the same problem, adding to the problem with the battery. Did CHUWI answerd to any of you?

No answer from chuwi. Email them last week about battery problem.

Then please tell your email address.


Unfortunately I have the same issue with body cracks

Just sent an email to . Hope for your help. Thanks

Same shit, man.
No answer. And i got dead battery too!!!

They just asked for the serial number of my laptop and I got no reply.

Please solve the problem!!! we paid for that!! we need a laptop with a good battery as you sold…

Please wait patiently, the after-sale department will reply within 24 hours

I corresponded with aftersale-service and even sent them my laptop. When I asked if they got my laptop, they said “Yes” and sent the photo. But the photo is not my laptop! And even it is not Aerobook! What’s that supposed to mean?

Quiet, do not fear, your product will be repaired and returned to your home in perfect condition.

I have checked with the after-sale service. This computer is yours. No matter the product model or serial number, it can match the maintenance form you filled in.It could be the color difference caused by light that makes you feel less like your computer

Same problem, is CHUWI repairing them? or new ones shipped to customers??

Hello any manager in there??? Still not an answer from CHUWI to my ticket or to this entry…customer service in here…??

This is not my laptop in the photo. This is a different chuwi model, not an aerobook! And it 's not about the color! It’s been more 3 months, and I didn’t get my laptop back. There is not a single correct photo of my laptop and my packaging. A month ago I heard that it was being repaired. For two weeks you promised me to send the laptop! I don’t see a track number or even a photo of my laptop. Will I get laptop back? Or I waste 4 months and throw $ 400 in the trash when I bought yours Chuwi Aerobook?

When was the last time you contacted the after-sale service?

I have the same problem (also the battery dead problem), managed to repair it since I need the laptop to work, and can’t wait for weeks to get it back, seems to work for now, but the plastic of the keyboard is very very weak, hope chuwi can sell us a metal replacement or this thing will continue to appear on a lot of devices…

View from the outside

Please copy that to

I did send a message about a month ago, will send one again!

I wrote 10.03.2020. It’s been 7 days , and I don 't even get a response. I used to be told stories that it is being repaired , then that it is being sent, and now they are just silent and completely ignored! I think you’re liars! I lost$ 400 buying a bad quality laptop with factory defects that fell apart in two months, then I lost $ 60 sending it back to you, and I lost 4 months waiting for a miracle that you would fix it.

Dear friend, your device has been repaired, but the logistics is still uncertain due to the virus.I’m sorry for the inconvenience.